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October 17th, 2024
 Learn How To Outsell Everyone In
Your Industry, Niche Or Office! 
30+ Sales and Business Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders Share Scientifically Proven and Field-Tested Lessons On How Top Earners Make 10X More...And How You Can Double Your Sales In Weeks!
You can't afford to miss this one!
Featured Topics Include...

Identifying True Buyers And Eliminating The Tire Kickers

Discover effective techniques to quickly identify genuine buyers and pre-qualify prospects, saving valuable time and effort. Learn to interpret non-verbal cues, build trust rapidly, and gracefully handle tire kickers without burning bridges.

Beating Your Competition And Winning More Sales

Uncover strategies to outperform your competition and increase sales by mastering the art of differentiation in a crowded market. Learn to navigate common pitfalls that could benefit competitors and excel in conversations with buyers considering options from your rivals.

Maximizing Sales Efficiency And Focus On Selling, Not Tasks

Explore strategies to boost sales efficiency and focus on selling rather than getting sidetracked by tasks. Identify and eliminate common time-wasting activities, find out how to prioritize leads for optimal opportunity engagement, and balance personalization with efficiency.

Tap Into The Power Of Referrals And Convert Warm Leads With Ease

Discover how to tap into the power of referrals by learning how to request them authentically and maintain a steady flow without being overbearing. Find out how to effectively vet and approach warm leads, fostering trust and ensuring alignment with your offerings.

Unlocking Your Networking: Winning Clients With Authentic Connection

Learn to choose networking events that match your target client profile. Discover techniques for making genuine connections, turning casual conversations into business opportunities, and effectively combining online and offline networking for authentic client engagement.

Selling Virtually: Making Sales Through The Interwebs

Master the essentials of setting up a successful virtual sales environment and learn to build trust quickly in online interactions. Learn how to effectively close sales virtually, handle objections, and follow up to secure commitments, ensuring client satisfaction in a digital selling landscape.

Implementing (And Automating) Your Foolproof Follow-Up System

Develop a follow-up system crucial for premium sales, incorporating the right balance of automation and personal touch. Learn to craft timely, memorable follow-ups with content that reignites interest, effectively handles objections, and measures the system's effectiveness for continuous improvement.

Mastering Value-Based Selling: Command Top Dollar And Eliminate Discounting

Master the principles of value-based selling to command higher prices, especially when selling to CEOs and business owners. Learn how to articulate value beyond features, address buyers' core needs, and effectively handle discount requests and price undercutting by competitors.

Maintaining Motivation To Keep Going Strong Even During A Sales Famine

Overcome challenges during sales slumps by adopting strategies to stay motivated and resilient. Learn to reframe mindsets, maintain high energy through routines, differentiate between temporary setbacks and the need for strategic change, and reignite passion in prolonged sales famines.

Mastering Objection Handling And Winning Buyers Over

Handle objections to win buyers over by understanding psychological triggers, employing pre-emptive strategies, and differentiating between genuine concerns and stalling tactics. Learn how to respectfully challenge buyers' objections to turn them into opportunities for successful sales.

Break Into the Top 1% Of Sales Earners With These 7 Steps  

Ascend to the top 1% of sales earners by adopting their mindset and approach, focusing on key activities, and effectively managing time with premium clients. Learn the pivotal steps and habits that distinguish top performers and explore if anyone can achieve this elite status.

The TRUTH About AI And Selling

Delve into the real impact of AI on premium sales, exploring its role in lead generation, prospecting, and tailoring pitches for CEOs and entrepreneurs. Understand AI's capabilities and limitations and how to integrate it while retaining a personal touch.

And More....

We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
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Meet Your Summit Host - Doug Brown
Doug C. Brown is the CEO of CEO Sales Strategies and a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert.

He has led client award-winning and high-performance teams as well as pioneered profitable development programs for companies. He has advised companies such as Intuit, CBS Television, Proctor & Gamble, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Nationwide, Embassy Suites, Inc. 500 to 5000 companies, and thousands of other businesses and entrepreneurs.

As an independent division head, Doug created, trained, and presented high-impact, results-oriented web seminars for prospects of Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. Doug increased their division sales by 864% and close rate by 62% in just six months.

Today, he helps businesses and individuals increase their sales revenue and profitably acquire clients by using strategies of top 1% performers in selling through the Top 1% Academy, Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Masterminds, and advisory work.
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Summit Sponsorship Opportunities
Put Your Product, Service Or Brand In Front Of Engaged And Motivated New Customers Now!
The highly anticipated virtual Strategic Selling Summit kicks off October 17th, 2024 with the goal of bringing the world’s best marketers and strategic thinkers together for a blockbuster virtual event.

Featured innovators will be discussing what’s working now in the fields of Traffic Hacks, Underground Traffic Platforms, Mental Preparation, Building Generational Wealth, MLM Strategies, Faceless Marketing, Productivity Hacks, Social Media, AI and so much more!
If you're not appearing, you're disappearing!
FIVE convenient sponsorship options designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
A cost-effective option for brands looking to gain visibility and connect within the Strategic Selling Summit community.  
50% Commissions: Earn substantial returns with a generous 50% commission on referred sales.
Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth: Engage attendees with a 3-10 minute video presentation, offering a digital touchpoint for potential clients.
For brands aiming for amplified visibility and deeper engagement with the Strategic Selling Summit audience.  
Everything in the Bronze package
Brand Visibility: Feature your logo prominently on the Registration, VIP Offer, and Daily Pages, increasing brand recall among attendees.
Sponsored Email Placement: Cement your brand's presence with a spot in the post-event newsletter, reaching 50k+ attendees directly in their inboxes.
premium choice for brands seeking presence and maximized interaction with the Strategic Selling Summit community.  
Everything in the Bronze and Silver
VIP Members Area Bonus: Gain an edge by offering a bonus in the highly-visited VIP Members Area (Perfect for lead generation).
Dedicated Email Reach: Stand out with 1 dedicated email to the full Summit list post-event, ensuring direct and personalized engagement with attendees.
Everything in the Bronze, Silver & Gold
Exclusive "Sponsored" Session: Own a dedicated presentation slot during the Summit, ensuring focused attention from the audience.
Post-Event Online Masterclass/Webinar: Further engage attendees by offering valuable insights through an online masterclass or webinar after the summit. (+ 2 extra emails to the list!)
Direct Email Engagement: Send 2 personalized emails to the entire Summit list post-event, strengthening brand recall and engagement.

If you want your branding to be at the CENTER of the event then this is the sponsorship for you! Perfect for sponsors aiming for unparalleled visibility and impact.
Everything in Platinum
Double the Insight: Offer two valuable post-event online masterclasses/webinars, further reinforcing your brand's expertise and authority.
Branded Video Sign-Off: Gain lasting impressions with a "Sponsored By" placement at the end of summit videos.
Exclusive Live Engagement: Host a "Sponsored" Live Zoom "Happy Hour" session for 90 minutes, allowing for real-time interaction and deeper connections with the audience.  
Breakdown of Sponsorship Benefits
Effective and convenient sponsorship benefits designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
Virtual Exhibit Hall
Showcase your products and services to a global audience of market leaders and innovators anytime, without the costs and constraints of travel and physical setups, through effective video demonstrations in a virtual exhibit space.
Brand Logo Display
Gain prominent visibility on high-traffic summit pages, enhancing brand recognition and trust by associating with industry leaders and valuable strategies, positioning your company as a forward-thinking leader in the field.
Sponsored Email
Registered attendees will receive a post-event newsletter featuring our sponsors' brands, products, and services, complete with contact information and website URLs for easy communication and potential conversations.
VIP Bonus
Gold and above sponsors will have the opportunity to include a special bonus in our VIP Pass members area. This bonus can also be an opt-in gift to collect contact name and email address from the attendee in order to receive the bonus. Great bonuses can include, but are not limited to: special reports, ebooks, software, templates, calculators, SOPs, courses, demo products, strategy calls, checklists, cheatsheets, discounts, free+shipping offers and more!
50% Commissions
How often do you get the opportunity to earn your sponsorship investment back? All sponsors are given a unique link (tracked) to share with others who would also like to attend the events. We give a generous 50% commission to each sponsor for their referred attendees who upgrade to our VIP Pass option. On average, 10% of your referrals will upgrade and you’ll earn 50% of their VIP Pass upgrade - which adds up fast!
Dedicated Email
Get exclusive access to send one to three dedicated emails to the entire summit registration list post-event, offering a direct, undistracted channel to promote their website, products, demos, and sales opportunities.
Sponsored Presentation
Gain the chance to be interviewed as presenters in the summit, enhancing their thought leadership and creating a sense of reciprocity among attendees, with the opportunity to make a value-adding soft offer during their sponsored presentation.
Online Webinar
We will be hosting a series of masterclasses and webinars following the summit event to educate, showcase and sell the products and services of our sponsors. Imagine having the full attention of the masterclass audience where you can take them on a deep dive of your latest endeavor or innovation while creating sales and buzz in the process.
Sponsored Happy Hour
Reserved for our Titanium sponsors only, we will be hosting a series of live “Happy Hour” sessions each day of the three day event. This unique live interaction and networking opportunity is our way of emulating the after hours bar experience where many of the biggest deals get done at live events. Our sponsor(s) each day will be given the floor to share innovations, ideas and connect with attendees in an interactive experience.
"Sponsored By" Placement
Have your brands prominently displayed at the end of each video session, ensuring maximum exposure throughout the summit and in all session replays, akin to being a name sponsor for the event.
Interested in becoming a sponsor at one of our events?
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Justyna - 603-760-8255

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Amplify your influence, share your expertise with a global audience, and solidify your status as a leading authority in your field.
Speaker Benefits:
We're anticipating over 10,000 attendees! That's equivalent to speaking in front of a packed arena of your ideal customers.
Earn $1 per free registration that you send to the summit from your email list.
Don't have a list or can't promote...? No problem! Become a speaker/sponsor and get a dedicated email sent to the entire summit list, post-event.
Include a bonus in our VIP package and reach our buyer's list long after the summit is over. 
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